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Adjustable bed packages are a combination of an adjustable bed base and a suitable adjustable bed mattress. Our sets are coupled with a standardised basic foam mattress and can be paired with any one of over 30 adjustable bed specific mattresses that are available to try in our adjustable bed showroom in Campbelltown NSW.

We have a full range of Hi Lo Scissor lift beds, fixed height adjustable beds, luxury adjustable bed bases with massage, lumbar support and pillow supports and more.

Customise your bed frame and insert an adjustable bed set or use your existing bed frame and we will customise your new adjustable bed set to suit.

We offer an all inclusive service of removal of existing bed and mattress and complete setup, installation and training. Our team also offer complete servicing of both our beds and beds not purchased from us.

At Sleep Doctor Campbelltown we offer a range of adjustable bed packages to suit varying needs of our clients. We offer solutions for those with degenerative diseases, who have been in accidents and suffer from mobility issues, spinal injury clients, clients suffering from obesity and then also just the everyday client with a bot of reflux or those just wanting to simply sit up in bed and read or watch TV of a night.

Adjustable beds are beds that offer a higher level of control over comfort and position. They allow for the user to raise and lower the head, the knees and on some add and remove lower back and neck support. Adjustable beds are also used, in the case of scissor lift beds, to raise and lower the user for transferring in and out of bed in the case of mobility concerns.

Adjustable bed packages comprise of the base, which controls the movement, and the mattress which is all about support and ultimately comfort. They have some great features such as vibration massage, lumbar support, pillow tilts, under bed lights for safety and pre saved and programmable memory positions like Zero Gravity and Anti Snore.

We carry a range of Australian made adjustable beds, however a majority of the bases are imported to offer a larger range of solutions for our clients. We carry a majority of Australian made mattresses which are manufactured in Melbourne to order which ensures quality and a new product each time.

If you are looking for a bed to sit up and watch TV you can simply have any of our bases with head and knee raise features from the 500 series to go into an existing frame to the Bravura for all the bells and whistles.

Clients with high care needs might need the IC333 iCare adjustable bed or the 3000 series bed for its scissor lift abilities and also as they can both have side rails and drop rails added for additional safety and support.

We offer all of our adjustable beds online, in store to trial, as well as our mattresses to suit. We will build and price an adjustable bed package perfect for your needs and have it delivered and setup by our team of expert installers. Come in store or call us on 02 4625 9164 for further tailored solutions to your needs.