Health Benefits of an Adjustable Bed

Health Benefits of an Adjustable Bed

The Health Benefits of sleeping in an Adjustable Bed can transform your sleeping experience....


Combining an Adjustable bed frame and memory foam mattress, this will aid in promoting better health whilst asleep. 


Adjustable Bed bases are no longer just for hospitals. By having an adjustable power base has been found to enrich your sleep experience will working to assist the improvements of several health issues.



HealthBenefits of sleeping in an adjustable bed :



Back pain - With a  mattress that can be adjusted by the head and the foot will give the back amore supportive surface to sleep on that alleviates pressure on the spine. 




Adjusting the bed head by 45 degrees relieves compression on the lower back reducing pain. This angle can also allow prevention ofheadaches by providing a supportive platform and allowing one to sleepcomfortably on the back due to the surface matching the body’s contouring asclose as possible.





Painful back conditions like sciatica have resultedfrom nerve pain in the spine, can also be improved.  When raising the base of the bed this allows forlegs to be elevated, to take un-needed pressure affecting the spine.


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