Bedroom Upgrade Ideas .....

Bedroom Upgrade Ideas .....

Planning a bedroom upgrade can be daunting, however you really need to consider your budget and by replacing accessories and the bedroom furniture you can transform any size room into a relaxing space. 




White walls, low maintenance indoor plants are al leasy items to tackle first then the bedroom furniture can transform any bedroom space into a clean modern retreat. 




Sleepdoctor Campbelltown offer a great selection of bedroom furniture including bunk beds, loft beds, adjustable beds,electric beds, storage beds & kids beds. 




Artificial plants and a favourite candle can freshen up any bedroom makeover. Bedroom upgrades you can make practical use of the walls by adding a book shelving that holds the artificial plants and space for your candle. Cane and timber accessories tie in with iron bedroom furniture allowing for a modern look and feel. A mirror can opens up the room and new bedding with new cushions showcase the affordable bedroom upgrade. 


Storage is the key to small bedrooms with limited space. Upgrading a small bedroom you need to find the right bedroom furniture and decorations to ensure you don’t overcrowd the room. Most teens need a share the space with a study zone, so maximize the space with sufficient storage. 




Storage lift beds are the best solution when it comes to small rooms that require a study desk. Sleepdoctor Campbelltown staff can recommending suitable lift beds with storage,bedroom suits with draws, bunk and loft beds to suit any small bedroom space. 




Junior room upgrade can transform a child’s bedrooms into a space to play & enjoy their space encouraging healthy sleep patterns from an early age. 




Novelty beds can add a colourful playground. They come in a range of sizes and while they adapt easily to both large and small sized bedrooms, they can also be a great space saving solution.




Bunk beds have a big advantage with a small space, they offers design flexibility; it can transform from a child's play area into a teenagers study space seamlessly and effortlessly with their changing needs. 



There are many options to choose from with bedroom upgrades and some important aspects to be aware of, knowing what to look for will best help to your to determine which bed is right for your space.




Some smaller room might suit a Loft bunk bed which can provide additional storage space, while a double bunk offers a teenager an extra bed for when friends come to stay. Larger bed sizes are also available to accommodate all room upgrades.




Sleepdoctor Campbelltown always following our core customer values: 















We look forward to assisting you with all your bedroom upgrade needs. Please see below for some of our top bedroom furniture ideas... 

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