2019 Winner of the Slumbercare Bedding Sales Achievement Award goes to.....

2019 Winner of the Slumbercare Bedding Sales Achievement Award goes to.....

Sleepdoctor Campbelltown are PROUD to announce they are the winners of this year’s 

Slumbercare Bedding – Sales Achievement Award 2019…..

With over 85 Slumbercare products on offer we believe in supporting local and Australian made manufactures. Slumbercare Mattresses are arguably one of the most popular range in the market. 

By using innovative technologies such as Edge Care Comfort foam, Natures Air Gel Infused Latex and Visco Care Gel, which offer unparalleled benefits to anyone hoping for a restorative night’s sleep.

Our story – We are so proud of humble beginnings in the early nineties, Sleep Doctor Campbelltown was opened as a small family business. From there, the bedding store has grown and developed into one of the most well-known brands in Sydney. 

2009 the business started to change, with the increase development in the local area through Gregory Hills, Oran Park and Leppington, there appeared to be room for growth in the market.  By introducing a new shopfront design and stocking a large range of candles and bathroom accessories the business appealed to the changing demographic.

Staying true to the concept, the Sleep Doctor Campbelltown focused on quality Australia Made Mattresses and the science behind a good night’s sleep. Offering a full range of spring systems and foams, coupled with high quality comfort layers, meantthe right mattress was within reach at all times.

Introducing adjustable beds in 2011. Therapeutic Goods Administration approved adjustable beds have become a mainstay of Sleep Doctor Campbelltown. Ensuring customers have access to the highest quality medical and luxury variants of adjustable beds is an ongoing priority.

The total range increased in 2015 to ten beds and twelve mattresses which gave customers the flexibility to customise their bed to suit their sleeping habits and medical needs. 

2018, the range grew to over thirty beds, over 30 mattresses and in most sizes. Now, with thousands of combination Sleep Doctor Campbelltown has become one of the largest NDIS Approved Adjustable Bed Stores in the country..

Customer satisfaction is such a high priority for us here at Sleepdoctor Campbelltown. We want to thank ALL our customers for their continued support and we celebrate this award with each one of them. 

Thank you once again , 

From The Team at Sleepdoctor Campbelltown 

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